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Our TeamYour Team.

Jeffery Clanton, chief marketing officer of Blue Creek Digital

Jeff Clanton

Jeffery Clanton is the chief marketing officer of Blue Creek Digital. He began his work years ago supporting businesses in his local area with content marketing, local marketing, and search engine optimization. He also specializes in website development and has developed and adapted his internet marketing skills to the current trends that thrive today holding several certifications in a variety of marketing tactics from Digital Marketing.
Steve Clanton, CIO of Blue Creek Digital

Steve Clanton

Steven has taught and trained, coached, and mentored at colleges as well in industry. He provides visionary and expert, technical and strategic advice on the use of technology. Steven studied Mathematics and Economics for his undergraduate, system design and architecture at the Masters level, earned a post graduate certificate in Data Science and Analytics and is currently a PhD Candidate studying Machine Learning.
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