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Understanding your website’s purpose

The styling of a website is an important part of the web design process. The look helps to achieve the goal of a website, but it is not the primary goal. The primary goal is to:

  • Get people to engage with you
  • Gather leads
  • Make sales

These are just some of the many goals that your website can accomplish. However, a website cannot accomplish its purpose without proper planning. The conversation or consultation between a business owner and a web developer must go deeper than font styles and colors.

Whether you are starting a fresh business, transitioning an existing business online, or trying to increase the ability (functionality) of your website, the right product starts with the right conversation.

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How It Works

The Discovery

Other companies sell cookie cutter websites for generic businesses. That doesn’t serve the needs of your customers nor your business objectives.

Every business passes value to their customer in their own unique way. It’s this unique way that makes your offer to your customers stand out. Oftentimes it’s the reason they chose you over the other results. That’s a very important distinction.

And that’s why this step is all about you

It’s all about understanding who your business is. Understanding what message your business is trying to convey. Understanding what makes you unique and the impact that added value passes to your customers.

Market Research

Your market research should focus on:

  1. Who your typical customer is
  2. What problem they are looking to solve
  3. What platforms your customers use when they search for an answer to their problems
  4. What terms they use when they search for the answer to their problem

This step is learning about your customers

This will help to get an idea of who you’re talking to. The type of content they want. The keywords that you want your content to be centered around.

This is also a good time to do a check on your competitors. Find the top people in your industry. Look at their website. What are they talking about? Where do they live online? What topics are they discussing?


At this point you know who you’re talking to, where they live online, what they read, and what problems they have that you can solve. Now it is time to decide what your website needs to do so that it can solve that problem.

Perhaps the solution is as simple as having a product on your website that they can buy. It could also be the start of the solution by setting up free consultations or estimates.

During the strategy creation it is also important that you think about how you intend to use the website in the future. Determine how the content you create on your website will fit into your overall marketing strategy.

Will you need?

  • Blog capabilities
  • Email opt-in
  • Exit-intent popups
  • A booking service like Acuity

A thorough understanding of your website from the start will help to immediately understand if your website is achieving its intended purpose.

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