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Blue Creek Digital specializes in strategic, executive-level internet marketing plans that provide our clients predictable, repeatable and cost-effective customer acquisitions.

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What do I get with a free workshop?

Our team of professionals will take a look into your current digital marketing strategy for your business.

Walk through some strategies that you can implement immediately that will help your business start to thrive.

Learn about the core structures of a marketing campaign and:

  • How to choose your marketing channels strategically
  • How to choose the metrics to follow and gauge their effectiveness
  • Learn some tools and tactics you can use to make marketing a little easier

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Learn from a team of marketers how to run your campaigns, gauge their success, build your business, and even build your own marketing team.

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We don’t want you to buy the sales pitch. We want you to buy the value, and we show the value we offer by giving you your very own workshop where we teach you how to structure and track your marketing campaigns.

If you don’t see real value from this workshop, then we didn’t cost you a dime. When you do though, we’ll be happy to know that you decided to do business with us to continue receiving real value, not the promises of a good sales pitch.

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If you’re wondering how we can create so much value in our free workshop, let’s talk about what you can expect and how it’ll create that value.

Build a Customer map

Creating a Customer Map

Pinpoint each stop a prospect will reach on their way from finding your business to buying your products or services. 

  • Determine the current path your prospects take and how to determine your path’s effectiveness
  • Find bottlenecks that are holding your campaign back
  • Locate opportunities that you can exploit to make quick progress

Understanding the route your customers take to reach their final destination is key to determining what to monitor to determine the success of your efforts.

(Ex: Landing on your homepage > Filling out a form > Receiving a follow up email)

The Customer Map breaks your campaign down into more granular parts, allowing you to determine what data matters and find weak links in a chain.

Learn how we track data

Data Collection: How does it help?

Checking analytics can be overwhelming. There is so much information that it is hard to determine what matters sometimes. Working through our Data Worksheet we will determine:

  • Determine what metrics matter
  • Track progress and compare data week to week
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in a marketing funnel on a granular level

Determing the metrics that matter and learning to easily find and record this information saves time sifting through the overlwheming information Google Analytics provides.


Work with our team of experts

Get access to our team of marketers to:

  • Learn and avoid common pitfalls of inexperienced marketers
  • Understand the “behind the scenes” of a marketing campaign
  • Learn about how, by creating content online, your customers are already funneling to your conversion and how to create a funnel with trackable and predictable purpose

Your free workshop is designed to give you REAL value that you can implement immediately in your business.

Our goal is that after 90 minutes you walk away with a deeper understanding of marketing.

Blue Creek Digital - A Digital Marketing Agency

Blue Creek Digital – Who we are

Blue Creek Digital is an internet marketing company located in south Florida. We specialize in coaching/training business owners and marketing teams to truly be their best. We want to double your sales, excite your marketing team and, quite frankly, change your life. But who are we truly? We are a family owned business that… Well, let us introduce ourselves!

Steve Clanton

Senior Marketing Strategist

Steven has taught and trained, coached, and mentored at colleges as well in industry. He provides visionary and expert, technical and strategic advice on the use of technology. Steven studied Mathematics and Economics for his undergraduate, system design and architecture at the Masters level, earned a post graduate certificate in Data Science and Analytics and is currently a PhD Candidate studying Machine Learning.

Email: [email protected]

Jeffery Clanton

Chief Marketing Officer

Jeffery Clanton is the chief marketing officer of Blue Creek Digital. He began his work years ago supporting businesses in his local area with content marketing, local marketing, and search engine optimization. He also specializes in website development and has developed and adapted his internet marketing skills to the current trends that thrive today holding several certifications in a variety of marketing tactics from Digital Marketing.

Email: [email protected]

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